The Science of Becoming Rich

Have you ever heard that becoming rich is an exact science and as precise as mathematics? Do you just shake your head and think it can’t be true?

Then I have a gift for you! After the huge success of my “60 days of magic with Caroli” project, I decided to offer it as a gift.

11 audios in which I read the book to you and also comment, explain and explain it with my own examples. You can download them and just listen to them.

I wish you a lot of fun! You can get the audio files here:


About Me:

I’m Caroli, 38. I’m the author of the upcoming book “The Rich Bitch”, speaker, success, money and business coach. I live my dream life in Monaco, but it didn’t always look like this.

My whole life was a path full of painful experiences. Ever since I left my home in Poland 15 years ago to emigrate to Germany and find a better life, I have always struggled with finances. No matter how much I earned, I always had the feeling that it was only enough for the bills and maybe there was a little bit left to save… If you want to know more about me, click here.


  • “Caroli is the best thing that could happen to me! ūüôā Since I found her, my life has changed from the ground up – I’ve become more positive, more confident, happier and clearer – I finally got out of the victim role and now take over full self-responsibility – that’s how I make a lot more and things happen with ease. She has inspired me to find my way, to do what I really want to, and to make a contribution to the world with it <3 Plus she is the absolute money goddess ūüėÄ Since I’m in her coaching, I’ve found a completely new way to deal with money and have already experienced several money miracles. – Thanks for all Caroli, your coaching is priceless! <3”



  • Since October 2018 I am in coaching with Caroli, which unfortunately ends up soon! I cannot put into words everything that has changed in these 5 months through the coaching with Caroli. Apart from the fact that I have created a lot of money, I have come a long way with my personality. I started my own business and with the many tips and the knowledge of Caroli I’m on the right track. I really appreciate her humorous, generous, direct and very positive nature! It always gives you the feeling that you can do it without having to press yourself. But her lovely ass-kicking should not be missed! I can only recommend coaching with Caroli, she has a wealth of experience and knows what she’s talking about!


  • “The biggest takeaway from my work with Caroli is the importance of my thoughts (thoughts – words – actions, blatant combo ;-)). I’ve been waving my wand for a while – rather unconsciously – but I did not believe that I really could do it,¬†again and again doubted and tormented by thoughts that did not contribute. Caroli made me aware of this, and this awareness / being, as well as her techniques of dissolving beliefs and unconstructive thoughts, is a daily contributor and keeps me on my way to ME and to live and receive joy, lightness, ease and abundance with everything. What I particularly appreciate about her is her authenticity (she is not afraid to be self-critical and tells instructive anecdotes from her past, to give us examples and help) as well as her valuable techniques, her lightness, cheerfulness and cordiality!”



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