What customers say about Caroli


“Caroli is the best thing that could happen to me! 🙂 Since I found her, my life has changed from the ground up – I’ve become more positive, more confident, happier and clearer – I finally got out of the victim role and now take over full self-responsibility – that’s how I make a lot more and things happen with ease. She has inspired me to find my way, to do what I really want to, and to make a contribution to the world with it <3 Plus she is the absolute money goddess 😀 Since I’m in her coaching, I’ve found a completely new way to deal with money and have already experienced several money miracles. – Thanks for all Caroli, your coaching is priceless! <3”


Since October 2018 I am in coaching with Caroli, which unfortunately ends up soon! I cannot put into words everything that has changed in these 5 months through the coaching with Caroli. Apart from the fact that I have created a lot of money, I have come a long way with my personality. I started my own business and with the many tips and the knowledge of Caroli I’m on the right track. I really appreciate her humorous, generous, direct and very positive nature! It always gives you the feeling that you can do it without having to press yourself. But her lovely ass-kicking should not be missed! I can only recommend coaching with Caroli, she has a wealth of experience and knows what she’s talking about!



“The biggest takeaway from my work with Caroli is the importance of my thoughts (thoughts – words – actions, blatant combo ;-)). I’ve been waving my wand for a while – rather unconsciously – but I did not believe that I really could do it, again and again doubted and tormented by thoughts that did not contribute. Caroli made me aware of this, and this awareness / being, as well as her techniques of dissolving beliefs and unconstructive thoughts, is a daily contributor and keeps me on my way to ME and to live and receive joy, lightness, ease and abundance with everything. What I particularly appreciate about her is her authenticity (she is not afraid to be self-critical and tells instructive anecdotes from her past, to give us examples and help) as well as her valuable techniques, her lightness, cheerfulness and cordiality!”


“Caroli has already been with me for 4 months on my personal discovery trip. Her sunny nature and her humour makes working with her a lot of fun. I’m grateful that I’ve taken advantage of Caroli’s help and can recommend her to anyone who wants to create with ease a life of abundance and wealth at all levels. You’re just a great woman.”



I wanted to change my life and was so tired of puddling around. By a supposed coincidence, I found Caroli on Facebook. We had our first conversation, I wanted to change something in my life. When I heard the price back then, my head immediately answered, you cannot afford that! My heart, however, said something else. I can tell you, I was done after this conversation, my body showed seriously ill symptoms for days, yes I had left my comfort zone. By now half of the coaching is over, and I have to tell you honestly: my life has changed a lot and I myself, of course. It was one of the best decisions in my life to book Caroli as a coach. She is a very dear, sensitive person, does not beautify anything. She is very direct and also gives, when it is needed, something to wake up: small ass-kicking. That’s the way it should be, because that’s the only way to succeed. I recommend you from the heart and out of conviction, if you want to change something, book Caroli.


I’ve only recently started working with Caroli and I’m excited about the energy she radiates. She is very authentic and full of incredible energy. She explodes the limiting beliefs with a snap of the finger and leads regularly to the AHA effect. I am very happy to work with her and realize how I “magically” find from her energy to mine.



Hello my dears, you want to know what it’s like to work with Caroli? You want a huge dose of motivation? A huge amount of knowledge? Good mood and improvement of every situation in life? Then you are at the right place! Caroli helps you in many areas to examine and change yourself, she shows you how you learn to turn yourself around and to steer everything in the right direction, namely forward! She always hits the right nail on the head at the right moment. Even if she does not talk to me at the particular moment, she miraculously always meets the topics that concern me. How she does that, I do not know, but she does it. She is such a great person, sensitive and kind-hearted, I cannot express my enthusiasm for her, her work and the subject. She has positively influenced me in so many ways and brought me to rethink. Life is one learning process, and if you approach it from the right side, it’s so much fun. It is an enrichment in every situation and a lesson for life.She teaches you how to walk, so dare the step and start walking. I am grateful that she entered my life, accompanied me a bit and gave me so much food for thought. I wish you a lot of fun on your way with her and take away everything, she is a little fortune-witch and you can be it too.