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You want to finally live in wealth and abundance? But you don´t know how to exactly get there?

You have your own business, but the success is not there yet, although you already do everything you can?

You want to find your vocation and live it? Preferably in your own business?

You want to exchange ideas with like-minded people? Get helpful inputs from me for life in abundance several times a week?

In this case I invite you to join out Facebook Community


Strategy call / Breakthrough session

A 30-minute call with me to find out together, if I can help you and support you on the way to your desired life (please plan the whole hour, since it happens very often, that you experience the breakthrough already during this session and then I don´t want to interrupt you!).

During the conversation we will look at, where your biggest challenges are and why you still have not arrived in life / business there, where you really want to be.

Also, if you feel you lack clarity and you don´t even know what you want to accomplish and what you should do in your life, this conversation will be then about creating as much clarity as possible.

You only need 1 thing to qualify for this session: WANTING MORE! More life, more freedom, more time, more money, more fun, more abundance, more customers, more love, more wealth, more health.


The Science of Becoming Rich

Have you ever heard that becoming rich is an exact science and as precise as mathematics? Do you just shake your head and think it can’t be true?

Then I have a gift for you! After the huge success of my “60 days of magic with Caroli” project, I decided to offer it as a gift.

11 audios in which I read the book to you and also comment, explain and explain it with my own examples. You can download them and just listen to them.

I wish you a lot of fun! You can get the audio files here:

Premium offers

6 months premium business coaching

You are an entrepreneur, coach, therapist, in network marketing, consultant…? Or you would like to become one?

You finally want to get the customers, who YOU would like to work with?

You want to live your vocation?

Your wish is to get to know the strategies, that will help you earn 5-figures on monthly basis?

Then this offer is right for you. For 6 months me and my amazing team accompany you on the way to your success. The coaching is intensive and will demand time and work from you (we want to celebrate your successes).

The investment is currently only 25.000€ (until the end of June, after that it will be more expensive).

12 months Pure success coaching

You have already your running business and love it over everything?

You feel that you are ready to reach a much higher level with it?

You want to increase your creation / manifestation powers?

You feel ready to earn 6-figures a month?

You are ready to leave EVERYTHING behind that keeps you away from your true potential?

Then jump in! This offer is ONLY for the people who mean it SERIOUSLY with great success! For those who not only dream but are also ready to do EVERYTHING to make those dreams come true. For those who go ALL IN and become unstoppable! The program is energetically intense, there is no room for any stories and excuses. I will not buy any stories from you anymore. This is the program where you commit yourself 1000% to live your dream life. (You must convince me during the get-to-know call that you are the right person for this program.)

The investment is currently only 60.000€ (until the end of June, after that it will be more expensive).

Corporate program (6 months or 1 year)

Do you feel that your company has much more potential than the numbers show?

Do you want more sales, more success and most of all, that your employees are truly happy, content, productive and loyal? That´s possible!

I can accompany your business for 6 months or 1 year (you will be involved as a boss plus either all employees of your company or of your department).

To find out if my method is right for you, please apply for an online appointment at:

Single coaching session (1,5 hours call plus pre- and post-work)

You need a short-term support, because you feel you´re stuck?

This offer is then for you! How it work

    • You send me a detailed email describing what you do, where your challenge is, your assumptions why you got stuck.
    • 1,5 hours call (you get tips and strategies from me that you implement as a homework assignment).
    • After one week we do a check.

The investment is 1500€.

VIP Day (plus 2 weeks post-work)

You want my 100% attention for you and your business IMMEDIATELY?

You want to work out a strategy for you with all sorts of mindset, energy and business tools?

I come to a city of your choice (with an airport) and work with you from 9am to 9pm (breaks for lunch and afternoon coffee). After that, we stay in close contact for 2 weeks – we have our calls every day and control the progress of the implementation.

The investment is 20.000€ in Europe (travel expenses included) and 27.500€ outside Europe.

General information about the programs:

If there are no more available appointments, please write us a message:

For a speaker assignment or an interview please send an email to :

General questions about the programmes:


  • I’ve only recently started working with Caroli and I’m excited about the energy she radiates. She is very authentic and full of incredible energy. She explodes the limiting beliefs with a snap of the finger and leads regularly to the AHA effect. I am very happy to work with her and realize how I “magically” find from her energy to mine.Claudia:


  • “Caroli has already been with me for 4 months on my personal discovery trip. Her sunny nature and her humour makes working with her a lot of fun. I’m grateful that I’ve taken advantage of Caroli’s help and can recommend her to anyone who wants to create with ease a life of abundance and wealth at all levels. You’re just a great woman.”