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About Me

I am Caroli, 38. I am the author of the upcoming book “The Rich Bitch”, speaker, success coach, money mindset coach and business coach. I live my dream life in Monaco, but it hasn´t always been like this.

My whole life was a path full of painful experiences. Ever since I left my home in Poland 15 years ago to emigrate to Germany and find a better life, I have always struggled with the finances.

No matter how much I earned, I always had a feeling, that it was just enough to pay the bills and maybe a bit left for saving.

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Your Gift

The Science of Becoming Rich

Have you ever heard that becoming rich is an exact science and as precise as mathematics? Do you just shake your head and think it can’t be true?

Then I have a gift for you! After the huge success of my “60 days of magic with Caroli” project, I decided to offer it as a gift.

11 audios in which I read the book to you and also comment, explain and explain it with my own examples. You can download them and just listen to them.

I wish you a lot of fun! You can get the audio files here:


  • Hello my dears, you want to know what it’s like to work with Caroli?
    You want a huge dose of motivation? A huge amount of knowledge?
    Good mood and improvement of every situation in life?
    Then you are at the right place! Caroli helps you in many areas to examine and change yourself, she shows you how you learn to turn yourself around and to steer everything in the right direction, namely forward!


  • I wanted to change my life and was so tired of puddling around. By a supposed coincidence, I found Caroli on Facebook. We had our first conversation, I wanted to change something in my life. When I heard the price back then, my head immediately answered, you cannot afford that!